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About Dean Kelly.

Dean is a highly regarded, multi-award-winning entrepreneur. Hailing from a tough London council estate with nothing but big dreams, a solid family and a belief that he wasn’t going to follow the stereotype life of his peers, Dean set about finding success in business. At 23 he fell into recruitment and within 2 years he elevated himself to be one of the biggest billers in the sector. Within 3 years he had been headhunted to set up a company for a group of investors. The company grew at an exceptional rate, building to 42 staff in his first year and a multi-million-pound turnover. A fallout over shares saw Dean resign to set up his own business and to change the way his market operated. His business grew even quicker than before, becoming the UKs fastest zero to exit agency as he sold the business for a strong 8-figure sum in under three years. Unfortunately, the acquiring PLC issued a two-year profit warning within weeks of completion, putting over 300 jobs at risk. At 30 years old Dean took control of the group, making him (at that time) the youngest CEO on the stock market! He turned the business around, repaid £30m of bank debt, delisted and sold the group in 2015. With several successful exits under his belt, a prosperous portfolio of companies and a wealth of business knowledge, Dean now trains, advises and mentors business Founders, Entrepreneurs and CEOs to support their growth, expansion and mental focus. 
Outside of work Dean is happily married with three amazing children, two bubbly french bulldogs and an addiction to maintaining a healthy body, healthy mind.

The Deanism Effect

Supercharged growth, a healthy mindset and an alignment of your business with your health, wealth and life goals.

Helping leaders, founders and CEOs to grow their mind, purpose, vision, belief and business through mentoring, training, guidance and investment is more than just a passion for Dean and his team; it is their WHY! Working through the Deanism program has seen endless business leaders deliver on both their vision and life goals. The move into the members-masterclass not only continues to improve on your vision, goals and life outcomes, it opens up a whole new network of likeminded, inspirational leaders. Networking events have resulted in investments, financing, joint ventures, acquisitions and partnerships. Dean has personally used the methods from his masterclass for over 20 years. The process was fondly named ‘Deanism’ by his senior leadership team in 2003, the name has stuck throughout his various businesses and the methodologies have continued to deliver real success.

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